Top Accessories For Your Ford Electric Vehicle

Are you a proud owner of a Ford Electric Vehicle? If so, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to enhance your driving experience and make your EV truly yours. Look no further! In this article, we will highlight the top accessories that will take your Ford Electric Vehicle to the next level. From charging accessories to interior upgrades, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up and get ready to discover the must-have accessories for your Ford EV!

Top Accessories for Your Ford Electric Vehicle

If you’re the proud owner of a Ford electric vehicle, you already know the many benefits of driving an eco-friendly car. But did you know that there are a wide variety of accessories available to enhance your driving experience even further? From charging accessories to performance upgrades, convenience and comfort features to safety and security enhancements, there’s something for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore the top accessories for your Ford electric vehicle, covering everything from charging options to styling customization. Let’s dive in!

1. Charging Accessories

1.1 Portable Level 1 Charger

A portable Level 1 charger is a must-have accessory for any Ford electric vehicle owner. This charger allows you to plug your vehicle into a standard household outlet, providing a convenient way to top up your battery wherever you go. With a portable Level 1 charger, you can charge your electric vehicle overnight or during the day while you’re at work.

1.2 Home Charging Station

For those who prefer faster charging times, a home charging station is the way to go. These dedicated chargers can be installed in your garage or driveway, providing a higher charging capacity than a standard household outlet. With a home charging station, you can significantly reduce your charging time and ensure that your Ford electric vehicle is always ready to hit the road.

1.3 Portable Level 2 Charger

If you’re looking for a portable charging option that offers faster charging times than a Level 1 charger, a portable Level 2 charger is worth considering. These chargers can be easily transported and plugged into a 240-volt outlet, allowing you to charge your vehicle more quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re on a road trip or at a friend’s house, a portable Level 2 charger provides the flexibility you need.

1.4 Fast Charging Cable

For Ford electric vehicle owners who frequently use public charging stations, a fast charging cable is a must-have accessory. These cables are compatible with DC fast charging stations, enabling you to charge your vehicle at a rapid rate. With a fast charging cable, you can conveniently top up your battery while on the go, allowing you to continue your journey with minimal downtime.

1.5 Charging Adapters

To ensure compatibility with a wide range of charging stations, it’s essential to have a set of charging adapters. These adapters allow you to connect your Ford electric vehicle to different charging infrastructure types, such as Level 1, Level 2, or DC fast charging stations. With a set of charging adapters, you can confidently charge your vehicle wherever you are, knowing that you have the right equipment for the job.

Top Accessories For Your Ford Electric Vehicle

2. Protection and Maintenance

2.1 Car Cover

To keep your Ford electric vehicle looking its best, a car cover is an excellent investment. Car covers provide protection against the elements, preventing damage from rain, snow, sun exposure, and dust. By using a car cover regularly, you can maintain your vehicle’s exterior in pristine condition and reduce the need for frequent washing and detailing.

2.2 Floor Mats

Protecting your vehicle’s interior is just as important as maintaining its exterior. That’s where floor mats come in. Floor mats are designed to fit your Ford electric vehicle perfectly, providing a barrier against dirt, mud, and spills. With high-quality floor mats, you can keep your interior clean and tidy, preserving its resale value and overall appearance.

2.3 Seat Covers

If you want to protect your seats from wear and tear, seat covers are a must-have accessory. These covers are designed to fit your Ford electric vehicle’s seats snugly, providing an additional layer of protection against spills, stains, and daily wear. Seat covers come in a variety of materials, from waterproof neoprene to comfortable leather, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your style and needs.

2.4 Cargo Liner

For Ford electric vehicle owners who frequently transport bulky items or have pets, a cargo liner is a valuable accessory. A cargo liner provides a protective barrier for your vehicle’s cargo area, preventing scratches, spills, and stains. With a cargo liner, you can transport items with peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle’s interior is well-protected.

2.5 Paint Protection Film

To protect your Ford electric vehicle’s paint job from chips and scratches, consider investing in paint protection film. This transparent film is applied to vulnerable areas, such as the front bumper, hood, and side mirrors, providing an invisible shield. With paint protection film, your vehicle’s paint will stay looking brand new, even after years of driving.

3. Convenience and Comfort

3.1 Wireless Phone Charger

In today’s connected world, a wireless phone charger is a must-have accessory for any vehicle. With a wireless phone charger, you can conveniently and safely charge your phone while on the go, without the hassle of cables. Simply place your phone on the charging pad, and it will start charging wirelessly. This accessory is not only convenient but also helps to keep your vehicle’s interior clutter-free.

3.2 Cargo Organizer

If you’re someone who frequently uses your Ford electric vehicle for road trips or shopping, a cargo organizer is a game-changer. These organizers come in various sizes and can be placed in your vehicle’s trunk or cargo area, providing compartments and dividers to keep your belongings organized. With a cargo organizer, you can say goodbye to a messy trunk and easily find what you need when you need it.

3.3 Sunshade

To keep your Ford electric vehicle’s interior cool on hot summer days, a sunshade is a must. Sunshades are designed to fit your vehicle’s windshield perfectly, blocking harmful UV rays and reducing the heat buildup inside. With a sunshade, you can protect your vehicle’s interior from sun damage and enjoy a more comfortable driving experience.

3.4 WeatherTech Floor Liners

If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions, WeatherTech floor liners are an essential accessory for your Ford electric vehicle. These custom-fit liners provide full coverage and protection for your vehicle’s floors, trapping dirt, snow, and water. With WeatherTech floor liners, you can keep your interior clean and free from damage caused by tracked-in debris.

3.5 Backseat Entertainment System

If you often have passengers in the backseat, especially children, a backseat entertainment system can make long drives more enjoyable. These systems typically include screens that can be mounted on the back of the front seat headrests, allowing passengers to watch movies, play games, or listen to music. With a backseat entertainment system, everyone can stay entertained and comfortable during the journey.

Top Accessories For Your Ford Electric Vehicle

4. Exterior Enhancements

4.1 Roof Rack

For Ford electric vehicle owners who enjoy outdoor adventures, a roof rack is a must-have accessory. Whether you need to transport bikes, skis, or camping gear, a roof rack provides a convenient and secure way to carry your equipment. With a roof rack, you can easily expand your vehicle’s cargo capacity and explore new outdoor activities with ease.

4.2 Spoiler

If you’re looking to enhance the sporty appearance of your Ford electric vehicle, consider adding a spoiler. Spoilers not only add a stylish touch but can also improve your vehicle’s aerodynamics, reducing drag and providing better handling at high speeds. With a spoiler, you can give your Ford electric vehicle a more aggressive and dynamic look.

4.3 Window Deflectors

Window deflectors, also known as rain guards or vent visors, are a practical accessory for any Ford electric vehicle owner. These deflectors are installed on the side windows, allowing you to crack them open slightly even when it’s raining. With window deflectors, you can enjoy fresh air circulation, reduce interior heat buildup, and minimize wind noise while driving.

4.4 Mud Flaps

To protect your Ford electric vehicle’s exterior from dirt and debris kicked up by the wheels, consider installing mud flaps. Mud flaps provide an extra layer of protection for your vehicle’s body, preventing scratches, chips, and dings. With mud flaps, you can keep your Ford electric vehicle looking clean and well-maintained, even in muddy or off-road conditions.

4.5 Body Side Moldings

To protect your Ford electric vehicle’s doors from scratches and dings, body side moldings are a smart investment. These moldings are installed along the sides of your vehicle, providing a barrier against door dings and parking lot mishaps. With body side moldings, you can preserve your vehicle’s exterior finish and maintain its resale value.

5. Interior Upgrades

5.1 Dash Cam

A dash cam is a popular accessory for many vehicle owners, and for good reason. Dash cams record your driving footage, providing evidence in case of accidents or insurance claims. Additionally, a dash cam can capture memorable road trips or scenic drives. With a dash cam installed in your Ford electric vehicle, you can drive with peace of mind and record all your adventures on the road.

5.2 Interior LED Lighting

To customize your Ford electric vehicle’s interior and add a touch of style, consider installing interior LED lighting. These lights can be installed on the floorboards, underneath the seats, or in the trunk, providing a vibrant and customizable illumination. With interior LED lighting, you can create a unique atmosphere in your vehicle and make every drive more enjoyable.

5.3 Custom Floor Mats

While we’ve already discussed the importance of floor mats for protection, custom floor mats take it a step further. These mats are specifically designed to fit your Ford electric vehicle’s interior perfectly, providing an added layer of comfort and style. With custom floor mats, you can express your personality and elevate your vehicle’s interior aesthetics.

5.4 Seat Back Protectors

If you have passengers in the backseat, especially children, seat back protectors are a valuable accessory. These protectors are installed on the back of the front seats, providing a barrier against scuffs, stains, and footprints. With seat back protectors, you can keep your Ford electric vehicle’s seats looking pristine, even with little ones in the back.

5.5 Steering Wheel Cover

To enhance your driving comfort and protect your steering wheel from wear and tear, a steering wheel cover is a great addition. These covers come in a variety of materials, such as leather or microfiber, providing a soft and ergonomic grip. With a steering wheel cover, you can personalize your Ford electric vehicle’s interior and enjoy a more comfortable driving experience.

6. Safety and Security

6.1 Blind Spot Mirrors

To improve your visibility on the road and reduce the risk of accidents, blind spot mirrors are a must-have accessory. These mirrors are designed to be attached to your Ford electric vehicle’s side mirrors, providing a wider field of view and eliminating blind spots. With blind spot mirrors, you can drive with confidence, knowing that you have a clear view of the road around you.

6.2 Car Alarm System

Protecting your Ford electric vehicle from theft and break-ins is essential. That’s where a car alarm system comes in. These systems include sensors that detect unauthorized entry or tampering, triggering a loud alarm and often flashing your vehicle’s lights to deter intruders. With a car alarm system, you can enhance your vehicle’s security and have peace of mind knowing that it’s protected.

6.3 Parking Sensors

Parking in tight spaces or navigating crowded parking lots can be challenging. That’s where parking sensors come in. These sensors use ultrasonic technology to detect obstacles and alert you with audible beeps or visual indicators. With parking sensors, you can park your Ford electric vehicle with ease and avoid unnecessary collisions or scrapes.

6.4 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Maintaining proper tire pressure is crucial for both safety and efficiency. With a tire pressure monitoring system, you can easily monitor your Ford electric vehicle’s tire pressure and receive timely alerts if any of the tires are underinflated. This accessory ensures that your tires are always in optimal condition, reducing the risk of blowouts and improving fuel efficiency.

6.5 Emergency Roadside Kit

No matter how well-prepared you are, emergencies can happen while on the road. That’s why having an emergency roadside kit is essential. These kits typically include items such as jumper cables, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and other essential tools in case of breakdowns or accidents. With an emergency roadside kit in your Ford electric vehicle, you can handle unexpected situations with confidence and stay safe on the road.

7. Performance Accessories

7.1 Performance Air Filter

To enhance your Ford electric vehicle’s performance and efficiency, consider upgrading to a performance air filter. These filters allow for better airflow into the engine, resulting in improved combustion and increased power. With a performance air filter, you can optimize your vehicle’s performance while maintaining excellent filtration capabilities.

7.2 Tuner or Programmer

For those looking to take their Ford electric vehicle’s performance to the next level, a tuner or programmer is a worthwhile investment. These devices allow you to customize and optimize your vehicle’s engine performance, transmission settings, and other parameters. With a tuner or programmer, you can unleash the full potential of your Ford electric vehicle and enjoy a more exhilarating driving experience.

7.3 Suspension Upgrade

If you’re a fan of spirited driving or off-road adventures, a suspension upgrade can significantly enhance your Ford electric vehicle’s handling and stability. Upgraded suspension components, such as struts, shocks, or springs, provide better control over bumps, corners, and uneven terrain. With a suspension upgrade, you can enjoy improved comfort, responsiveness, and overall performance.

7.4 Brake Upgrade

High-performance brakes are a valuable addition for Ford electric vehicle owners who enjoy spirited driving or have larger wheels and tires. Upgraded brake components, such as rotors and pads, provide better stopping power, fade resistance, and overall braking performance. With a brake upgrade, you can have confidence in your vehicle’s ability to stop safely and effectively in any situation.

7.5 Performance Exhaust System

For Ford electric vehicle owners who want to enhance the sound and performance of their vehicle, a performance exhaust system is a popular choice. These systems are designed to improve exhaust flow, resulting in a more aggressive and sporty exhaust note. With a performance exhaust system, you can add a touch of excitement to your driving experience and turn heads wherever you go.

8. Connectivity and Entertainment

8.1 GPS Navigation System

To navigate unfamiliar roads or plan your next adventure, a GPS navigation system is an indispensable accessory. These systems provide real-time directions, traffic updates, and points of interest, making your journeys more efficient and enjoyable. With a GPS navigation system, you can confidently explore new places and arrive at your destination with ease.

8.2 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Staying connected on the go is more important than ever, and a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to do just that. With a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect your devices to the internet while on the road, providing a reliable connection for navigation, streaming music, or staying in touch with friends and family. With this accessory, you can enjoy the convenience of a connected lifestyle wherever you go.

8.3 Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit

To stay safe and comply with hands-free laws, a Bluetooth hands-free kit is a must-have accessory. These kits allow you to make and receive calls or stream music wirelessly through your vehicle’s audio system. With a Bluetooth hands-free kit, you can keep your focus on the road and enjoy convenient and safe communication while driving.

8.4 Sound System Upgrade

For audiophiles who appreciate high-quality sound, a sound system upgrade is an excellent investment. Upgrading your Ford electric vehicle’s speakers, amplifier, or adding a subwoofer can significantly enhance the audio experience. With a sound system upgrade, you can enjoy crystal-clear sound, deep bass, and immersive music playback during your drives.

8.5 Rear Seat Entertainment System

If you regularly have passengers in the backseat, particularly children, a rear seat entertainment system is a game-changer. These systems typically include screens that can be mounted on the back of the front seat headrests, providing entertainment options such as movies, games, or music. With a rear seat entertainment system, your passengers can stay entertained and enjoy long drives without getting bored.

9. Storage Solutions

9.1 Roof Cargo Box

When you need extra cargo space for your Ford electric vehicle, a roof cargo box is a must-have accessory. These boxes can be attached to your vehicle’s roof rack, providing a secure and weatherproof storage solution for luggage, sporting equipment, or camping gear. With a roof cargo box, you can easily transport all your belongings without sacrificing interior space.

9.2 Bike Rack

For Ford electric vehicle owners who love cycling, a bike rack is an essential accessory. These racks are designed to securely hold your bikes on the back of your vehicle, allowing you to transport them to your favorite cycling destinations. With a bike rack, you can take your bikes wherever you go and enjoy the freedom of exploring new trails and routes.

9.3 Trunk Organizer

To keep your Ford electric vehicle’s trunk or cargo area neat and organized, a trunk organizer is a practical investment. These organizers typically feature compartments, dividers, and even collapsible sections, allowing you to store and organize your belongings effectively. With a trunk organizer, you can easily find what you need and make the most of your vehicle’s storage space.

9.4 Roof Basket

For larger items or outdoor adventures that require bulkier equipment, a roof basket is an excellent storage solution. These baskets attach to your vehicle’s roof rack, providing a versatile and secure area for items such as camping gear, coolers, or additional luggage. With a roof basket, you can expand your vehicle’s cargo capacity and embark on new outdoor adventures with ease.

9.5 Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

If you prefer a storage solution that doesn’t require a roof rack, a hitch mounted cargo carrier is worth considering. These carriers attach to your Ford electric vehicle’s hitch receiver, providing a convenient and easily accessible cargo area. With a hitch mounted cargo carrier, you can transport large or heavy items such as bicycles, coolers, or camping gear with minimal effort.

10. Styling and Customization

10.1 Window Tinting

To enhance your Ford electric vehicle’s appearance and increase privacy, window tinting is a popular choice. Tinted windows not only provide a sleek and stylish look but also reduce glare, block harmful UV rays, and keep the interior cooler. With window tinting, you can give your vehicle a touch of sophistication and enjoy a more comfortable and private driving experience.

10.2 Chrome Accessories

For those looking to add a touch of elegance and shine to their Ford electric vehicle, chrome accessories are a great option. These accessories, such as door handle covers, mirror covers, or grille accents, are made of high-quality chrome-plated materials, providing a premium look. With chrome accessories, you can personalize your vehicle’s appearance and make it stand out from the crowd.

10.3 Body Graphics

To make a bold statement and give your Ford electric vehicle a unique look, body graphics are a popular choice. These graphics, such as racing stripes or custom decals, can be applied to your vehicle’s body, adding a touch of personality and style. With body graphics, you can showcase your individuality and make your Ford electric vehicle truly one-of-a-kind.

10.4 Custom License Plate Frame

To add a personalized touch to your Ford electric vehicle, a custom license plate frame is a simple yet effective accessory. These frames can be customized with your choice of text, logo, or design, allowing you to express yourself or support your favorite sports team. With a custom license plate frame, you can showcase your personality and make your vehicle stand out on the road.

10.5 Interior Trim Kit

To elevate your Ford electric vehicle’s interior aesthetics, consider adding an interior trim kit. These kits typically include pieces that can be applied to your vehicle’s dashboard, doors, or center console, providing a luxurious and customized look. With an interior trim kit, you can elevate your vehicle’s interior ambiance and create a more refined and premium driving experience.

In conclusion, owning a Ford electric vehicle is already an environmentally friendly choice. However, with the wide range of accessories available, you can further enhance your driving experience. From charging accessories to protection and maintenance, convenience and comfort features to safety and security enhancements, performance upgrades to connectivity and entertainment options, and even storage solutions and styling customization, there’s an accessory for every aspect of your Ford electric vehicle. Consider investing in these top accessories to maximize the enjoyment and practicality of owning an electric vehicle.

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