What Cars Is Ford Discontinuing?

You’re in for a surprise as you find out which cars Ford is bidding farewell to. From the iconic sporty Mustang to the versatile Fusion, Ford is making some tough decisions about their vehicle lineup. Whether you’re a fan of the compact Focus or the stylish Taurus, there are some changes on the horizon that might make you rethink your next car purchase. Get ready to learn which models will soon be saying goodbye, leaving a lasting impression on the automotive industry.


Hey there! Today we’re going to dive into the world of Ford and take a closer look at their discontinued models. As you may know, Ford has made the tough decision to discontinue several vehicles from their lineup. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind these decisions and discuss each discontinued model in detail. So buckle up and let’s get started!

Overview of Ford’s Discontinued Models

Ford, like any other automaker, periodically assesses their vehicle lineup and makes adjustments based on market trends, consumer demand, and other factors. Over the years, Ford has discontinued several models in various categories, such as sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, sports cars, trucks, and vans. This strategic move allows them to allocate resources towards the development of new and more popular vehicles while focusing on emerging technologies and customer preferences.

What Cars Is Ford Discontinuing?

Reasons for Ford’s Discontinuation

There are a variety of reasons behind Ford’s decision to discontinue certain models. One major factor is the shift in consumer preference from sedans to SUVs and trucks. As the automotive industry evolves, more and more customers are gravitating towards larger and more versatile vehicles. This change in demand has led Ford to prioritize the production of SUVs and trucks, which offer greater utility and practicality for many buyers.

Additionally, Ford’s decision to discontinue certain models may also be influenced by changes in regulatory standards and emissions requirements. As the automotive industry faces increasing pressure to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency, automakers like Ford may choose to focus their resources on developing hybrid or electric vehicles rather than continuing to produce models that do not align with these goals.

Discontinued Sedans

Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta, once known for its compact size and playful character, has been discontinued. This subcompact car was known for its zippy performance and fuel efficiency, making it an ideal choice for urban dwellers or those on a budget. However, with the rise in popularity of larger vehicles like SUVs and crossovers, the demand for subcompact sedans like the Fiesta has diminished.

Ford Fusion

Another sedan that Ford has bid farewell to is the Ford Fusion. This midsize family sedan offered a comfortable ride, ample interior space, and a range of impressive engine options. Despite its positive attributes, the decline in demand for sedans in favor of SUVs and crossovers has led Ford to discontinue the Fusion. However, it’s worth noting that Ford may introduce a new electrified variant of the Fusion in the future, keeping up with the growing demand for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Ford Taurus

Once a household name in the sedan segment, the Ford Taurus has also been discontinued. As consumer preferences shifted towards SUVs and crossovers, the demand for full-size sedans like the Taurus dwindled. Ford made the decision to allocate resources towards other vehicle categories, resulting in the discontinuation of the Taurus. Although no longer in production, the Taurus can still be found in the used car market for those who appreciate its spaciousness and comfortable ride.

What Cars Is Ford Discontinuing?

Discontinued Hatchbacks

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus, a popular option for those seeking a practical and efficient hatchback, has been discontinued by Ford. With its sporty design, nimble handling, and versatility, the Focus hatchback was a go-to choice for individuals who desired a compact car with ample cargo space. However, declining demand for hatchbacks and increased interest in SUVs prompted Ford to discontinue the Focus in the United States market.

Discontinued SUVs

Ford Flex

The uniquely styled Ford Flex, known for its boxy shape and spacious interior, has also been discontinued. Despite its distinctive appearance, the Flex struggled to gain significant market share in the highly competitive SUV segment. With Ford’s focus shifting towards other SUV models, such as the Explorer and Escape, the decision was made to discontinue the Flex. However, if you’re a fan of its distinctive design, you may still find pre-owned Flex models on the market.

Ford Edge

The Ford Edge, a midsize crossover SUV, has also met its end in terms of production. The Edge offered a balance of comfort, performance, and practicality, making it a popular choice among families and individuals alike. However, as consumer preferences shifted towards larger SUVs with three-row seating options, Ford chose to discontinue the Edge and allocate resources towards models that better align with evolving market trends.

Ford Escape (in Europe)

In Europe, the Ford Escape, a compact SUV, has been discontinued. Known for its efficient engines, comfortable ride, and versatile interior, the Escape was a popular choice among European consumers. However, Ford has chosen to focus on their other SUV models in the European market, such as the Kuga and Puma, leading to the discontinuation of the Escape.

Discontinued Sports Cars

Ford GT

The legendary Ford GT, an icon in the world of supercars, has also been discontinued. This high-performance sports car drew inspiration from the historic Ford GT40 and offered exhilarating speed, impressive aerodynamics, and advanced technology. Despite its cult following and success on both the road and track, the Ford GT has been retired from production. However, its legacy lives on, and enthusiasts can still find pre-owned GT models to fulfill their need for speed.

Discontinued Trucks

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger, a compact pickup truck, has been discontinued by Ford. Known for its rugged capability, off-road prowess, and versatile bed, the Ranger was a fan-favorite in the truck market. However, Ford made the decision to discontinue the Ranger in the United States market in 2011. Fortunately, a new generation of the Ranger was later introduced in 2019, marking its return to the North American market.

Discontinued Vans

Ford Transit Connect

Lastly, the Ford Transit Connect, a compact van that offered reliable cargo space and flexibility, has been discontinued. This versatile vehicle was popular among commercial fleet owners and individuals who needed a practical solution for transporting goods or passengers. However, with the changing landscape of the van market, Ford decided to discontinue the Transit Connect and focus on other models within their lineup, such as the larger Ford Transit.


In conclusion, Ford has made the difficult decision to discontinue several models across different segments of the automotive market. Shifting consumer preferences, regulatory standards, and the need to allocate resources towards emerging technologies have all played a role in these decisions. From sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs, sports cars, trucks, and vans, Ford has bid farewell to iconic models like the Fiesta, Fusion, Taurus, Focus, Flex, Edge, Escape, GT, Ranger, and Transit Connect. Although these models are no longer in production, their legacies will always be remembered by fans and enthusiasts alike. As Ford continues to adapt and innovate, we can look forward to new and exciting vehicles that meet the evolving needs and desires of customers around the world.

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